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The Whys and the Hows of Puppy Picks

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “Why do breeders pick out puppies?” This is usually followed by "I’ve always picked out my own puppies" or "My puppies have always picked me". Most people see photos or a puppy in person and choose based on markings, or they choose by which puppy approached them for attention or which one appeared the calmest.

The main issue with this is honestly the markings of your puppy will change with age and has zero bearing on compatibility with your lifestyle. And that puppy that approached you? It approaches everyone that comes to visit but is a headstrong dog who needs an experienced home. That calm puppy you liked so much is probably a hellion, but is taking a nap after playing with the family that stopped by before you. A short visit or a photograph to form an opinion has nothing on a experienced breeder who has spent countless hours over the last 8+ weeks with those puppies.

This is why we "pick" for you.

...and here is how we do it.

Types of homes and their needs

How we Assess Puppies

Here at LakeHaus, we do a few different assessments on our puppies as they are growing up to get a feel for their structure, bird drive, retrieve drive, and temperament.

Structural Assessments

Starting at 3 1/2 weeks, we begin teaching the puppies to stack (stand square and still on a table) so that we can assess their structure against the standard set forth by The German Shorthaired Club of America. We stack puppies 2-3 times per week until their final assessments (typically right at 8 weeks) where we will have other experienced breeders weigh in and give their opinions on each puppy.


Once all the assessments are done, we will go through all our notes and decide what home type is appropriate for each puppy. We then narrow that down further for things like children in the house, other pets, color/sex preferences, hunting expectations (is this dog hunting 10 days a year or 100?) and we then message our wait list of people. First and foremost, we always breed for ourselves first. "Pick of the Litter", both male and female, will always be reserved for us to keep or place with like-minded breeders. Those that I decide not to keep for myself and/or breeder colleagues or other experienced Conformation homes are available to the right hunt/pet homes.If there are multiple appropriate puppies, we will offer the buyers a choice in the order we received deposits. 

We are strongly dedicated to making sure that each puppy is a perfect fit for it's future family. This is the main reason why we "pick" for you.

-LakeHaus Kennels

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